Our Story

Why did My Tree Planet come to be? In a sentence, the world needs more trees!

My Tree Planet was founded by Sean Zaboroski in late 2018 after he felt the need for an organization with a focus on reforestation. Why? In 2018 alone the world saw some of the worst natural disasters in all of history; from the California Wildfires, to the Greece Wildfires, to The Sulawesi Earthquake - just to name a few.

What did all these disasters have in common you may ask? Climate change. Climate change has a massive impact on many natural disasters (heat waves and floods) and if no action is taken, it will only get worse.

And so, My Tree Planet was born!



Sean grew up enjoying the nature in and around Winnipeg, Canada. He has always been caring, conscious and passionate about the preservation of nature and the environment. Over the years he has supported many environmental causes.

As a father and an advocate for the environment, Sean is committed to ensuring that My Tree Planet does its part in the fight against climate change and is dedicated to make our world a better place for generations to come.