Frequently asked questions

We work with the leading and most trusted tree planting organizations in both the United States and Canada. In the USA, we work with the Arbor Day Foundation. In Canada we work with Forest Recovery Canada and Trees Canada.

These organizations are forestry experts that also utilize local arborists and they take great care to plant the appropriate species of trees in the locations requested and using methods that help ensure survival and compatibility within the local eco-system.

Our trees are usually planted in the spring, but sometimes they are planted in the fall. In order to ensure that your trees flourish and grow, our organizational partners, utilizing local scientists, strategically select the specific species, location and timing of the plant.

The types of trees planted vary from season to season, and from location to location, based on the recommendations of the organizational planters in each of our project locations. These tree experts are best informed as to which species is suitable for each location and planting project.

Never. Your trees are planted as a unique gift or tribute. There is never any intention of human interference with your trees.

Your trees enhance the beauty of the public lands where they are planted.  In many cases, these lands are accessible to the public and we encourage you to visit these places and enjoy your gift and the beauty of nature. 

Of course! Send us any and all inquiries to and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We plant trees throughout Canada, the USA and in Tanzania (Africa). We are actively seeking other locations so that we can expand our tree planting reach. In the near term, we are working towards engaging a tree planting partner in South America.

Please check our Newsletter for updates.

Yes, My Tree Planet operates as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit conservation organization in the USA and a registered charity in Canada.

Your Charitable Tax Receipt will be sent to your email electronically shortly after your donation is received by My Tree Planet or sent to you by regular mail to the address you provided us via regular government post no later than the required deadline (being February 28) of the following year.

As an example, donations made in the 2019 calendar year, will either be reflected in a charitable tax receipt sent to your e-mail address shortly after the donation is received or sent by government post no later than February 28, 2020.

In almost every case, the tax receipt provided to you will be for the total amount of your donation.

Yes, we require a minimum donation amount of $25 in order to issue a Tax Receipt.

In the event if there is an error, please contact and we will be happy to solve the issue!

No. According to the Tax Law, we are only able to provide charitable receipts in relation to tree planting in Canada and in the USA.

We are actively looking into expanding our operations to allow for tax receipts to be issued in relation to tree planting in Africa (and any other jurisdiction where we plant trees).

Yes. We can tailor a donation program that suits your organization. Please contact us at and we will be happy to arrange the ideal situation for your organization.

For certificates: An email will be sent within 24 hours of a purchase with a PDF color Certificate.

If you ordered a Hard Copy Certificate, we aim to ship Certificates within 48 business hours of purchase through either the US Postal Service or Canada Post.

For Pendants: We aim to ship out Pendants within 48 business hours of a purchase through either the US Postal Service or Canada Post.

If you have not received anything within 5 business days after your donation - please contact us regarding your order at