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Trees are an important and crucial part of our planet and our lives. Trees have a huge amount of benefits and do a lot of things that you might not know about. Here are 8 amazing facts about trees and how they affect our daily lives!

    1. Trees absorb carbon dioxide
      Trees are known as the lungs of the planet. They absorb chemicals like carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and break the chemicals down into sugars and oxygen which is released back into the air.
    2. Trees cool you down
      Leaves cool down the air through evapotranspiration. Basically, they absorb and release moisture into the air. They also provide shade from the sun.
    3. Trees raise property and land values
      Research has shown that having a tree in front of a house can raise its price up $7,000 - and that estimate was done in 2005! It also conveys a sense of community in a neighbourhood.
    4. Trees are the life and shelter for wildlife
      Studies have shown that even one tree can increase the biodiversity of an area astronomically. Trees provide shelter and food for all matter of critters.
    5. Trees have medicinal purposes
      Over the centuries, many different trees and plants have provided us with a number of different medicines and components. Willow tree bark was the original source of aspirin!
    6. Trees are spiritually significant
      Trees have been significant across a number of different cultures all throughout history. From their strength in their roots and trunks to their connection to the earth, trees have been both a physical and metaphorical allegory in our spirituality
    7. Trees are great for noise reduction
    8. Trees with thick branches, lots of leaf cover and thick bark are able to absorb sound and noise. This keeps things nice and tranquil for animals and people!
    9. Trees prevent soil erosion and flooding
    1. Tree roots hold soil together, preventing large chunks of earth sliding away. This is turn helps prevent excessive flooding and mudslides.

Trees are amazing. That much is certain. Sadly, deforestation is still a huge problem for our world. However, we can all take part in helping turn this around. Consider planting a grove of trees at mytreeplanet.org  

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Stephen Orchid
Stephen Orchid

September 04, 2020

I want to express my gratitude to this writer who writes very well and cover all the information on the topic. I have never read this information before. This is really an amazing topic which means a lot. North Shore Tree Services

Michael Hay
Michael Hay

January 23, 2019

Trees also feed us fruit – the healthiest food
Trees provide leaves; i use leaves to line my compost bin
Trees bring beauty to the world
Provide habitat to birds, squirels
They not only capture carbon, they provide oxygen!

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