January 30, 2019

There are over 60,000 known species of trees in the world. Of those 60,000, there’s some weird ones which I’ve compiled in this nice list. Read on to see some of the world’s weirdest trees.

  1. Baobab Tree
    Native to Madagascar, Africa and Australia, the baobab tree is pretty weird looking. It can reach up to 98 feet tall and the trunks can grow up to 36 feet in diameter. Their trunks are thick and tall and the leaves of the tree often only grow at the very top with no new branches forming along the trunk. Their leaves and fruit are edible. There are some baobab trees in Australia that had a hollow inside and were used as prison cells.

  2. Sandbox Tree
    This entry is considered to be one of the most dangerous trees in the world. It can grow up to 130 feet and its trunk is covered in cone-shaped spikes. What is really scary about this tree is the seeds it produces. The seeds look like small pumpkins and when they harden and mature, they become time bombs! Once fully mature, the seeds will explode and shoot out seeds at speeds up to 150 miles per hour and at distances of 60 feet! This is pretty dangerous for any creature to be in the trajectory! Not only that, but the tree is poisonous too! The Sandbox tree is native to South America and the Amazonian Rainforest.

  3. Dead Vlei Trees
    These trees are in the Deadvlei, which is a white clay pan Namibia. The pan was formed after a drought had dried up flood waters that had formed. Before the drought, it was a beautiful waterhole filled with trees and life. However, once the drought dried everything up, the trees had no water or nutrients to survive. The trees died over 600 years ago but they did not decompose because the climate is so dry. They are basically tree skeletons!

  4. Dragon’s Blood Tree
    This tree is native to Yemen. It has a very odd appearance, sort of like an umbrella and produced red sap. These trees have a huge number of uses - its berries are edible and its sap has been used in medicine and glue. It is considered an iconic tree of Socotra Island.

  5. Rainbow Eucalyptus
    This tall tree is known for its multi-coloured bark. It is native to Indonesia, the Philipines and Papua New Guinea. The bark of the rainbow eucalyptus sheds periodically and at different times of the year on the tree, revealing red, blue, purple and orange bark. It is also the only known Eucalyptus that grows natively in the Northern Hemisphere.

  6. Banyan Tree
    Okay, so this one is actually a type of fig that grows over a tree but it’s still weird and belongs on this list. This fig is a strangler fig which will slowly envelop the host tree. Parts of the tree are known to be medicinal. It is also the national tree of India and is very sacred to Hindu religion.

These are just a few of the amazing oddities that nature has to offer. There’s so many trees and plants that are so unique and amazing in this world.

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