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Living a more eco-conscious lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight: it’s a gradual process of becoming more mindful of what we consume and waste, and, one-by-one, modifying our daily habits to leave a softer, more gentle footprint on the earth.

Take a look at this list of ways you can protect the earth today. Remember, every eco-conscious choice makes a difference.  

  1. Buy local produce

Support your neighbourhood farmers and enjoy more flavourful, nutritious fruits and veggies. Buying local saves energy consumption during transport and unnecessary supermarket packaging.

  1. Choose veggies

Climate change fact: worldwide, agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than transportation—approximately 18-percent of gas emissions! And cattle-breeding is a major contributor. (https://timeforchange.org/are-cows-cause-of-global-warming-meatmethane-co2/). Swap out meat for veggie-based proteins and reduce toxic pollution in our atmosphere.

  1. Be conscious of food waste

Meal planning is a huge trend right now—it’s convenient and helps prevent us from purchasing too much food. Still have food left over? Throw it into smoothies or soup stocks and compost the rest.

  1. Buy in bulk

If you live near a local market or Whole Foods, bring a few mason jars and fill them up with rice, beans, and nuts in the bulk section—this saves money and (again) excess Packaging!

  1. Cook at home

Restaurants rarely save or recycle uneaten food, so reduce your footprint by preparing your own low-waste, seasonal meals at home.  

  1. BYO (Bring your own)

Keep a stash of metal straws, grocery bags, bamboo utensils, travel coffee cups, water bottles and other reusable items in your car or bag. Just in one day, imagine how many single-use items you’ll prevent from ending up in a landfill!

  1. Start a backyard garden

A personal herb or veggie garden is a fun way to bring nature therapy and ecoconsciousness into your routine—it’s a win-win!

  1. Use less water

Taking shorter showers, doing less laundry, and turning off faucets are easy ways to make your day-to-day more eco-friendly.

  1. Shop secondhand

Keep perfectly usable clothes, electronics, furniture, etc. from ending up in landfills by purchasing goods secondhand through online markets like eBay or Poshmark!

  1. Shop consciously

Each time you choose to purchase ethically, sustainably produced goods, this helps reduce excess waste in factories and gradually establishes new thoughtful, ecoconscious habits.  

  1. Invest in quality products

Buy less and try to invest in things that will last. Quality over quantity—always.

  1. Repair or mend

Even quality items wear out over a long time of loving use. But before investing in a replacement, check if you can put your repairing or mending skills to use!

  1. Skip cars and planes

Airplane and personal car transit guzzle tons of excess gasoline. Try biking, car-pooling with friends or co-workers, or take the train or bus.

  1. Pass on pesticides and weed killers

A lovely lawn is possible without introducing carcinogens into your outdoor space. Embrace the dandelions or seek eco-friendly, health-conscious alternatives like vinegar or organic herbicides if weeding isn’t your thing. To ward off pesky mosquitoes, try diffusing organic citronella essential oil!

  1. Get oily

It’s a bummer, but most traditional candles contain lead and paraffin wax—a dangerous petroleum-based carcinogen (https://www.greenamerica.org/toxiccandles). But nature has given us an equally fragrant, far more healthful alternative—essential oil. Organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils are not only eco-friendly but contain powerful healing properties as well. Get creative with DIY autumn-inspired diffuser blends if you miss those holiday candles!

  1. Say no to single-use

Swap out paper towels, cotton rounds, and tissues for reusable alternatives made from pure, unbleached linen and cotton.

  1. Choose non-toxic

Toxins from hair products, soaps, and deodorants not only affect our bodies, but also the environment through our water. Scan ingredient labels for traces of plastics, parabens, and sulfates, and choose plant-based products instead.

  1. Skip the shampoo

To all the ladies with long locks, washing our hair everyday requires a lot of water. Keep your hair feeling fresh and fragranced between washes with natural dry shampoos made from arrowroot powder and essential oils.  

  1. Take your workout outside

Whenever you can, take your workout outside into the sunshine and reduce excess electricity usage at the gym.

  1. Enjoy our planet

Lastly, take time to slow down and truly observe nature—in person; not through a phone or TV screen. Spending quality time outdoors helps us become more mindful of the earth and passionate about protecting the beauty and precious resources it offers us. 

These are a few simple, earth-conscious choices that can help you leave a softer footprint on the earth. What are some ways you are leading a eco-friendlier lifestyle?  

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