April 02, 2020

As you know, waste and plastic pollution are causing huge damage to our planet. Our oceans and landfills are already filled with plastic. That being said, if we don’t take proper measures now there is a possibility of hurting our environment big time.

The concept of Zero-Waste doesn’t necessarily mean producing no waste at all. Rather then, it is a set of principles and a lifestyle that people adopt to consume less and recycle more. Many people have started this lifestyle not just to save the environment alone, but it also saves them time and money which happens to be a total win-win!

Below are 10 Easy Zero-Waste Tips to kickstart your journey

1. Reusable Cloth Bags

Cloth or tote bags nowadays are becoming a big deal as most brands have introduced their own customized bags for shopping. Tote bags especially come in handy when grocery shopping. That way you don’t have to buy plastic bags.


Zero Waste Tips

2Cut Down on Unnecessary Things

Say no to things you don’t need, such as promotional products like pens, stickers, cards, etc. Additionally, online shopping where convenient has also made us vulnerable to buying unnecessary/additional things. Think twice before buying anything.

3Keep a Reusable Water Bottle

Keep a reusable water bottle so that whenever you’re on the go, you don’t have to buy plastic water bottles.

4. Repair/Recycle Electronics

In this technologically advanced era, electronic appliances are part of our daily routines. But as soon as we see a defect, we throw it right away and get ready to buy a new one.  Repair your appliances and if you can’t, donating them to the recycling centers can help at least reduce the waste.

5Pay Your Bills Online

Nowadays it is easy to make online bill payments so there is no need for subscribing to paper bills. Instead, request the authorities such as utility bill companies to send you invoices via email.

6. Store Your Food Properly

Don’t cook extra food. If you do, store it properly. You can also try making something out of the leftover meals. Keep your food inside the refrigerator to avoid it from rotting. You can also share your food with neighbors in case you have a lot.

Zero Waste Tips

 7. Try Bamboo-Made Products 

There are many products/utensils made of bamboo which are available in the market such as toothbrushes, straws, bottles, etc. They can act as a great reusable alternative.

8. Buy Unpacked Veggies/Fruits

Buying unpacked/loose veggies or fruits give you two incentives:

  1. Reduce plastic waste
  2. No extra buying

9. Donate Unnecessary Clothing

Keep clothes that you need and donate the rest to charity. That will also help free up space for new clothes or other things you may need for storage.

10. Use Natural Home-Made Beauty Products

Beauty products are incorporated into our daily routine. However, a lot of those products contribute to plastic pollution. An alternative solution would be trying out home-made beauty products such as masks, balms, lotions, etc. 

Zero Waste Tips



We hope these tips helped you. You should keep in mind that adopting a zero-waste lifestyle can’t be achieved over-night. It is a journey that takes commitment and consistency but once you’re adapted to it, you’ll realize how convenient it is and there is no chance of going back.


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